Korean Cosmetics: Three Secrets of Popularity

Korean Cosmetics: Three Secrets of Popularity

The interest in traditions of Asia has always been high all over the world. Oriental medicine, spiritual practices, massages, cuisine, the traditions of skincare have been a hot topic for many years. But today this interest has grown to a fashionable trend that gathers pace in the market. No one would argue that Korean cosmetics is one of the most popular in the world.

Such success can be explained by several facts:
– visible effectiveness of Korean skincare;
– variety of products, detailed multi-stage treatments;
– natural formulations.

Visible Effectiveness

The concept of Asian beauty and health, which are inseparable for the Asians, came to us primarily through films, dramas, and pop culture. Every time we see on the screen beautiful, moisturized, well-conditioned and supple skin of Asian girls and guys, we do notice how young they look and, obviously, we start to dream about such wonderful skincare too.

Thus the first thing due to which Asian cosmetics has won the consumer’s love is fast and noticeable effectiveness. Many cosmetics manufacturers say that to achieve a visible effect you have to use their product for months or even years. But in the case of Korean cosmetics even though that it seems that you use similar products with similar ingredients and consistency, but be ready to see the result stated on the package, is it skin whitening, tone leveling, acne control or lifting, right away.

Variety of Products, Detailed Multi-stage Treatments

Koreans are very thorough in skincare. One branded series of cosmetics will never consist of only cream and serum. Korean skincare routine has multiple stages, including first of all cleansing, then nutrition, necessarily moisturizing, and only then basic care. That is why in one series you will usually find foam cleanser, toner, skin, cream, serum, mask pack, face cream, eye cream, and other products.

Natural Formulations

It is the fact that it is almost impossible to manufacture cosmetics without preservatives. Their presence in creams and serums is explained by the fact that it is extremely important to avoid contamination of the cosmetic product. For example, at the moment you open a jar of cream air enters into it. Next, you begin to apply the cream and only a few people would do that using a cotton pad. Unfortunately, there are plenty of bacteria on our hands that get into the jar as soon as you use your cream for the first time. Different types of bacteria can cause redness, rash, irritation, and even inflammation. Thus the role of preservatives is very important. But Korean manufacturers of cosmetics use natural preservatives such as, for example, methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, propyl p-hydroxybenzoate, arnica, ascorbic acid.

We need to remind that our skin absorbs all the cosmetics products that are applied to it. This is what makes us turn to prefer high-quality natural cosmetic formulations. And that is why Korean cosmetics are so popular all over the world.