Customer Objections and How to Shake Them Off. Part I

Customer Objections and How to Shake Them Off. Part I

Overcoming customer’s objections is considered one of the most important in sales for a reason. The most important thing is to remember that the very presence of objections is not a bad sign; it is rather that, their absence can indicate that the client is trying to get away from the deal, saying that everything is fine and but he needs time to think it over. Today we are talking about typical client objections and how to overcome them. So, here is the objection number 1.

This Is Expensive

In this case, you can check with the buyer what is he comparing the offer with, thus you will have a chance to further explain why even though the product is more expensive it is worth it because of better quality, design, after-service, or whatever else makes your offer better. You can also ask about what factors other than the price the buyer considers as important, then based on this you can build an argument to “protect” your product.

I Will Think About It

This is a little bit more complicated case than the previous one. Try to ask the buyer what exactly he wants to think about, offer him or her to think together. Another option is to agree with the buyer and once again recall the unique properties of the product, or to emphasize that the offer is limited.

I saw This Product at Cheaper Price at Another Store

There are two possible ways. If it is true that in the other store the same product is cheaper, this is an issue for your own logistics and policies. However, often buyers just want to get away from the proposed deal using this trick. In this case, try to ask what kind of store the buyer is talking about, and also ask why he or she believes that the product is identical. Thus you will have an opportunity to continue the dialog and prove that your proposal is more interesting.

This was the first part of the ‘overcoming objections’ cycle.
Stay tuned and find out a lot of useful tips for personal and business effectiveness.